Slitter And Rewinder, Overhauled

Slitter and Rewinder, Overhauled

Manufacturer: Andreotti, Italy
Model: TLTC/600
Original Manufacturing year: 1999
Overhauled: December, 2016

Material to be handled:

  • Cellophane from 25 gsm
  • Polyethylene from 15 micron
  • Polyester from 12 micron
  • Paper from 20 gsm Up to 150 gsm
  • Laminates up to max. 150 gsm

Technical data

Width: 1500 mm
Max. Jumbo roll dia: 1200 mm

Cutting width with Max. Reel diameter: 500 mm
With single standard reel holders: Min. 70 mm / Max. 210 mm
With single special reel holders: Min. 55 mm / Max.120 mm

Cutting width with Max. Reel diameter: 600 mm
With double reel arm holding system: Min. Width 220 mm / Max. 600 mm

  • The machine or equipment is offered with six (6) months from the test run at the location.
  • Availability is subject to prior sales.
  • All information is given by the source, which deemed reliable.

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